The professional technique of landscape gardening!

You are a construcion company? You are a company for landscaping? Or you want to be your own boss? Then you are on the right side!

Your customers love the outdoor life style - the pool, entertaining and relaxing. They also want a front yard, parks, parking places, children garden areas to be proud of. But no one wants to be a slave of this.
The BORDERLINE Machinery will help!
This machinery gives them the class, style and creativity they are looking for and combines this with easy maintance. This makes your customers happy and gives you real pride in your work!

The easy handling with the Turfcutter und the Edging Machine - 5 steps to the perfekt border:  
first step:
prepare the grass
2. step:
decide for the mould
3. step:
set the grass with the TURFCUTTER

             Randstein verlegen            
4. step:
draw the border with the Edging Machine

         . 5. step:
map the border out with the handtolls, colour and hand rolls